Friday, 20 October 2017

Smiles makes a Difference?

Walt: Korero is about "Smiles making a huge difference in the world."

When someone is down, you could try brightening up their day by giving them a nice big smile. You never know that giving them a smile could make a big difference in their life. Sometimes when someone is down, you could try and give them a nice big smile so they could have a great day, instead of having a sad day.

Most people around the globe are depressed because something must have happened to them and they don't feel happy or even smiling at all. If you see someone like that, you should try and give them a big smile. The reason being is because most people wouldn't be in a good mood to smile. So try and make them laugh or encourage them to stay happy, safe and positive.

Smiling is the most important thing in the world, if you don't smile, then you won't be able to have a nice day with your family or friends. Every time you smile at someone, it's an action of love and a wonderful gift to that person. Also a warm smile, is the universal language of kindness. If you are able to smile, then the whole universe would smile with you.

If you don't smile, then the world is just a dull place with no pure love or anything to brighten up their days. Most of all, when someone is tried from work or baby sitting, all they really need to lighten up a bit is a big and bright smile. Whenever you smile at someone, there is always a meaning behind that smile and what that person is telling you.

So make sure you smile, you never know that your smile would brighten up the whole world with pure love and happiness. Also to make sure that you are on watch to see if anybody is feeling dull or sad because they aren't smiling at all.

Farewell Miss Vani

                                 Walt: Make a blog post about our farewell for Miss Vani

This is a sad day for Pt England School, we need to say farewell to our office teacher, Miss Vani. She was an important person in our school, their were many things that we all loved about her. She was caring, loving and showed respect toward others. Now she has a great opportunity waiting for her next future job.

Miss Vani got given a one time only opportunity to help other social workers, help other people in need. But Miss Vani is sad at the same time because she won't be able to see our lovely faces for a while. She will be missed by many other people. We are all sad, but happy at the same time because she has done us proud.

Some students walked up to Miss Vani, to congratulate her partnership and her hardwork that she has done for our staff and lovely tamariki. We all wish her good luck in her new job and hopefully we get a chance to see her again. Also to know how she has been doing in her new career, in a different community that she has never experienced.

She has encouraged us to reach our goals and strive to succeed. Do our best in the nearer future and work hard in what we like. I didn't know what she meant by that, but I hope I would do the same like her. Every student wishes that they wouldn't need to say goodbye to another lovely person, but we should be proud for all the things she has done for us.

She has been a blessing for the whole school and we all look forward to seeing her return again. It's sad, but we could all wish a good luck in her new community and working with other employees, and to also improve their skills of looking after other people. Hopefully she would be a blessing for other employees like she was for us.

Niue Language Week

Walt: Write a blog post about Pt England's special performance

Today the Niue group presented their amazing performance to show off their culture. They are proud of their heritage and would like to show us what they have learnt, from their amazing tutors. The people who taught them was Miss Lagitupu and another teacher. The way they introduced themselves was wonderful, it's because they managed to say where their family is from. 

What I really liked was the girls amazing costumes that they wore. It was so bright and colorful. I also enjoyed the boys haka that they performed with such strength. The introductions surprised me because not much people can speak their own language. TJ's introduction was loud and clear, I could tell that he was proud of his land and people.

But the one thing that shocked me the most, was seeing so much people who aren't Niuean and they are joining in. Everybody that performed looked very proud to be performing their culture and to show everybody that their culture is special to them and they want to cherish it. Their entrance song was interesting because everyone knew that it would be cool to watch what they have learnt.

Pt England School is proud of what they have learnt in just 1 week. The people who performed should be proud of what they have shown towards the school and their amazing tutors. I look forward to seeing more performances in the future.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Tipene - Maths

Walt: Solve Multiplication and Division problems using Reversibility
Our task was to show our understanding and what we know about Reversibility. But the other slide was a bit harder because we needed to say what multiplication reversibility is about. Then we had to do the same thing, but this time is was about the division. Then we needed to learn how to reverse a division and turn it into timetables. But the division and the timetables come with the same answer, until you reverse the question around. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Effects on Children - Divorce

                What are the effects of divorce on children?

There is a massive issue that can affect your children, if you’re married. Even if the child is in childhood, it would break their love that they have towards the two parents. It is heartbreaking for the children to witness how much their parents loved each other, until they split their separate ways.

The children look up to their parents and they are only used to seeing their own parents show how much they appreciate each others company. But the children has never seen parents argue towards each other. That is the side that every mother and father doesn’t want their kids to see.

This is the reason why they try so hard to hide the fact that they have been arguing, so they don’t worry their children. It’s heartbreaking for children to see their parents divorced because if they love the mother more than their father, then it’s going to hurt them badly.

But the parents do a reasonably great job managing the stress of divorce. From my research, children who are from divorced families are resilient, especially when the parents do a good job at hiding it. Sometimes when your children is in pain, it would be a great time to let them grieve over their parents that they have now lost.

Having divorced parents would be hard on the child, reason being is because they would be a different person if their parents were in their lives. Most people would have a short childhood without their parents, or, a really tough childhood. So this is what I think about divorce, in my own perspective.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Once we settled down in our special immersion assembly, some of the teachers surprised us with their astounding costumes and their performances. Our teachers and students has lots of love and passion towards music. The teachers made their own music about our new topic called "Musical Madness." Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen wowed us with their amazing talents of music.

My three favorite performances that I liked out of all the teams was, Team 1, Team 3 & Team 4. The first item was Team 1, they were about playing the game called "Snap." But Miss Hockly kept changing the music while they were playing the game. The main objective of their performance was changing your emotions, towards different music. So what I learnt was no matter the music you listen too, it would change the way you feel towards the music.

My second favorite item was Team 3. It was about storytelling through music. But this idea got me thinking about something similar to a Youtube video called "Songs in Real Life!" All they had to do was to make up a story, but to also include their favorite songs to make it more interesting. They captivated our attention, just through music. I was delighted by all the teachers dance moves, especially Mr Moran's. What I really think is that he was holding back his excitement to be able to bust out his moves.

My last favorite one that I really enjoyed out of all of them, was Team 4's fascinating item. The reason why I enjoyed them the most was because they used their amazing vocals to sing along to the music that was playing in the background. Since we were so interested in their movie, we didn't no that the unexpected was drawing closer. The students and teachers were thrilled by their amazing dance moves that they were showing off. Especially Miss Davis, swinging of the chandelier like Miley Cyrus on the wrecking ball.

Their performances were enthralling and it captivated all of our attention. I am amazed on how they put in all their hard work and amazing ideas just to entertain us all and to finish off their movies or item with a smile. This is the last assembly that the Year 8's will ever be in and it inspired me to work hard in the nearer future. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Maniakalani Film Festival Experience

Walt: Create a blog post about your Maniakalani Film Festival Movie.

Today we had to do our Maniakalani Film Festival. The movies had to be due this Friday, so that everybody can see our amazing movies that we have created as a group, per class. But the movies have to be 3 minutes long and not any longer than that. It takes hard work and dedication to be able to finish off the movie in time.

Everybody did the challenge, except for 7 students who didn't do it. So they needed to have a taste in front of the whole class and give out their best reactions. All we had to do was put on the blindfolds, that is when the challenge of tasting food has begun. What I really enjoyed about our film festival movie, was watching my class mates and how they react to different kinds of food.

But the most thing that I found really challenging, was not knowing what I would have to taste. I felt really scared because I didn't know if it would taste good or disgusting. Before I tell you any ideas that I have for the next film, I would need to tell you about "What I'll do better next time?" The one thing that I would do better next time, is speaking up a little bit louder. I was really quiet and didn't speak my mind, like I was suppose too.

My ideas that I have in mind for the next film is doing a good luck film. In this Era, Pumba, Adidas and other shoe brands are very popular among students and adults. But the one thing that would bring good luck to you, are wearing scuffs.

So if you want to find out what we ate, make sure to watch and listen closely to what the students have to say.